A Kiwi-Style workplace

All countries can have slightly different ways of working and New Zealand also has its’ own ‘style’.  One thing your employer and work colleagues will be looking for is the positive, ‘can do’ attitude.  New Zealanders are known for simply getting on with the job and finding solutions. This means combining traditional ways of doing things with new ideas. In most companies across New Zealand, all employees are allowed to contribute ideas and feedback.  Kiwi businesses are always looking to improve and if you have a good idea that will help, you will be encouraged to let them know.

One thing that has a big impact on our particular way of working is the size of our businesses and organisations. A huge number of New Zealand businesses average under 14 employees. Even our big businesses are small by international standards and what we call SMEs (Small to Medium-sized Enterprises), businesses with less than 20 employees, account for 40% of the country’s output.

If you’re just starting your career, New Zealand may well give you a jump start, providing experience and opportunities you might not get for years back home. And; if you bring your own management experience, your ability to help train and show New Zealanders new techniques will be of great value.