People are our currency.


Our Approach

We believe that at the heart of every successful organisation is great people. The way we see it, recruitment is more than just about matching experience and skills to the right role. Finding the right talent to match a company’s work culture and environment is equally important to help a company grow in the right direction. We take a people centred approach in our work and strive to understand our client’s business and industry from a long term perspective with sustainability at the forefront of our process.


What We Do

As generalist recruiters, we specialise in sourcing talent within all industries from automotive to healthcare, and IT to engineering and construction. We get right into the ins-and-outs of an industry to enable us to find the right candidate, and handle all aspects of the recruitment and candidate screening process. 

We truly care about the success of our clients - employers and candidates alike. 

We take a global approach to our candidate search and offer immigration and settlement services via our sister company Silver Fern Immigration Services

We work with our candidates to help prepare them for employment in New Zealand, from initial profile assessment and tailoring their curriculum vitae to preparing them for the interview process. 

We only work with employers and companies that adhere to fair employment relations standards. 


Our 'Why'

Recruitment as an industry has a far reaching impact on New Zealand's employment market, industries, economy and social fabric. As a growing nation and global leader in emerging technologies, it is vital that Kiwi employers are able to access local and international talent to compete on the domestic and global stage. We see a greater purpose in our work as recruitment consultants in that we are contributing to the growth and development of our great nation.


What We Don't Do

Behind every job application is a human being with career aspirations, hopes and dreams, striving for a better future for themselves and their families. Similarly, behind every job vacancy is a team of people all working towards a common goal: to ensure that their organisation thrives in a competitive world and become the best in their industry. With all this in mind, we take what we do seriously. Honesty and transparency is what guides us.

We don’t place candidates in roles that are not suitable for them.

We don’t charge employers exorbitant placement fees.

We don’t charge candidates for helping them find work.

We don’t take short cuts in our process.

We don’t treat candidates like interchangeable Lego blocks.